Mandarin Orchard Singapore, the Best Staycation Place with Many Facilities

A trip to Singapore is incomplete if it’s only for a day long. Singapore is too beautiful and vast to be a one-day tourist destination. If you want to make your vacation longer, you can do a staycation at Mandarin Orchard Singapore.

Mandarin Orchard Singapore will give you a memorable overnight experience. Plus there are also many activities that you can do at this hotel after you finish sightseeing to any part of Singapore using the MRT or other transportations. Here are some things you can do at a hotel with such satisfying service.

Enjoying the Night with Outdoor Photography

The hotel buildings are indeed very tall and majestic. Many beautiful sights are near this hotel. The traffic and the hustle-bustle of the city make the atmosphere even more sophisticated. No doubt, many people take a panoramic view of the building from the outside at night. You can take some beautiful selfies and other photos.

Mandarin Orchard Singapore is iconic. The building is elegant and towering. That’s why, apart from traveling to faraway places like Little India or Marina Bay Sands, you can also capture the moment here.

Rest in a Comfortable Bed

Many rooms in this Singapore staycation place consist of one bed and some consist of two beds. There is a TV that can be turned on at any time and also AC. You can enjoy a break after playing all day at Universal Studios. Spend your free time relaxing while watching TV in your room.

If necessary, you can order hotel services that are always ready to serve. In addition, if there is work that you have to complete, then there is a spot to work with a work chair and work desk. You can also keep a travel journal. You can also make an agenda for a trip tomorrow. The working corner in the hotel room is indeed very interesting. Perfect for looking for inspiration.

Try Some Beverages at the Lounge and Cafe

Do you like drinking alone or with friends? If yes, then this is an excellent place for drinks. Many hot and cold drinks can help you when you are tired. Of course, if you’re too tired, you can’t continue walking tomorrow. This will be very disappointing.

So, come to the cafe and lounge to order a drink! Enjoy a variety of interesting menus for yourself or anyone with you. Spend time chatting and having fun.


Swimming on vacation can be one way to relieve soreness. Aches from spending too much time outside are common. However, if it is too severe then you will not be able to continue the journey tomorrow.

That’s why get rid of fatigue and aches by swimming. AT this hotel, you can swim anytime after sightseeing. Then, you can clean yourself in the personal bathroom in each room. If you bring the kids, they will be happy to swim here.

Of course, there’s no reason not to fall in love with the staycation experience at Mandarin Orchard Singapore. Its strategic location makes it easy for you to find it after landing at Changi Airport. Make sure to book this hotel right away to make your trip even more perfect.

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