Reasons Why You Should Stay at Mandarin Orchard Hotel Singapore

The Singapore area offers you several accommodations and five-star hotels that are very appropriate as an option, one of which is the Mandarin Orchard Hotel. This inn is suitable for those who want a staycation and spend time with landmark tourist attractions there.

Best in Class Facilities

There are two types of people who vacation in Singapore. The first type is backpackers that usually look for the cheapest hotels to spend time on famous landmark tourist attractions there, and the second type is for tourists who want to vacation and shop in Singapore.

If you belong to the second type, the choice of this hotel is good. The main reason is that the facilities you will get are the best in class. There are nine types of rooms, from Presidential Suite to Deluxe Room.

Each room has been designed with a simple modern concept so that visitors from all walks of life are guaranteed to feel comfortable. Different types of rooms are usually determined by the size of the area for bathroom facilities, along with the living room.

Not to mention the other facilities that are ready to support your comfort, such as TV, free Wifi, gym and fitness, room service, along with a spa. You can also do water activities in the swimming pool provided.

Close to Shopping Center

This five-star hotel is located in a strategic location, precisely on Jalan Utama Orchard, so you can see the most popular shopping centers and culinary centers in Singapore. Along the road, you can see rows of shopping centers such as ION Orchard Mall, Nge Ann City, and The Center Point.

If you do not want to walk or explore the surrounding areas, there is no need to worry. The Mandarin Hotel itself is connected to the Mandarin Mall so that visitors can still carry out shopping activities, eat easily, and get discounted prices from SingapoRediscovers Vouchers.

Can Taste Foods from Around the World

This hotel does serve culinary menus from all over the world. For example, Chatterbox and Triple Three Restaurant have won awards. Starting from Chinese specialties, Indonesia, and even Europe, you can try everything in this one place to stay and travel.

If you want to experience romantic moments and nights, you can go up to the 38th floor for a short stop at the Meritus Club Lounge. The view of Singapore from above will look more beautiful and charming, especially at night.

You don’t need to worry about the check-in process that sometimes takes a long time at other lodging places. When the queue has started to lengthen, there will be staff who immediately approach to serve you and several other visitors.

Only then will you be asked for a password for booking purposes. You will also get an explanation regarding what activities are the best recommendations during your stay here.

Take advantage of SingaporeRediscovers Vouchers to get a more affordable price in renting a classy Mandarin Orchid Hotel Singapore hotel room. The choices offered by Mandarin Orchard Singapore do not disappoint, so you can take advantage of them immediately.

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